Thursday, September 13, 2012

Teaching Notes - LC - Sept 2

My teaching notes from speaking at Light Company [our middle school ministry] on Sept 2nd. Slides are here. Steal what you want. Note that I borrowed the theme from the book of the same name. I always always always consider it a great privilege to speak to students.
Love Does

A simple phrase. Also the title of a book that I read a few months ago. It accurately captures the essence of a few pieces of us.
Start of school - pattern of thoughts and behaviors that have the ability to change everything

Context of a loving God - He does something
You can't love bbq and not do something about it

When we think of the word love - we think of this.
** cat and cow
** dog

Think about it in terms of Scriptures - Luke 15
who am I in the story
who is God in the story

the lost sheep
** dorothy

the lost coin
** josh - restore

the lost son

worldview - the way you see the world

** isabella - bru
even a person far from God knows that you Love Does

** africa stop hunger now event - this is not normal

do you love ?
move towards someone
baby step

** rachel beckwith

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