Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stunning Teammates

I love this presentation from NetFlix about their internal values, culture and DNA. If you work with any kinds of teams, you should at least give it a skim [128 pages.] There is a ton in there that I think we can learn about growing teams. Some highlights for me include:

+ Exhibit a bias to action. [thinking this phrase could also be from Scott Belsky?]
+ Paradigm of professional sports team, not family. High performance, super stars.
+ Total honesty between managers and employees - no surprises about performance.
+ In procedural work, the best are 2x better than average. In creative work, the best are 10x better than average.
+ Increase talent density faster than organizational complexity grows.
+ Rapid recovery - not error prevention - is the right model for creative-inventive markets [not medicine or manufacturing, etc.] Less focus on error prevention equals less process which frees the responsible.

In the end, I think they've got it right. Great workplaces equal stunning colleagues, or stunning teammates. Everyone wants to work with fantastic people on amazing teams.

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