Monday, August 17, 2009

Idea Cast 02

A lot of us have used some very lame excuses for a lack of discipline, innovation, creativity regarding 'missions.' We use phrases like 'lack of resources, 'sustainable strategy' or anything dealing with finances for not empowering and freeing people to act in how God has lead them. It's embarrassing and I'm guilty of it too.

It's time we stop short cutting momentum. What the world really needs right now is the two-fold combination of people that move with the Spirit and those same people doing their very best. I've met lots of people with a God-given dream, but I've only seen 10% of them execute well.

There are ways of doing Church in the future that don't exist now and there are people that aren't being reached by our existing expressions right now. The Spirit will move in some of us to do something new, different and unknown. After that creativity hits, it's going to take more - more hard work, more resourcing, more leading, more initiative. Not just more of all that, but it's going to require your absolute best effort.

Here are three ideas that don't traditionally fall under 'missions' and are certainly not the status quo:

+ a partnership serving homeless vets
+ the Chat program
+ funding missions through Corn Hole

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