Monday, August 24, 2009

The Ember Cast, Inc.

D and I have started a small company [think really small - no income, no funding, no employees...] called The Ember Cast, Inc. The idea was to have a medium for doing what we do and probably the best way to explain it is to call it a "student missions leadership tribe."

Here's some of the details:
The Ember Cast is a group of talented, passionate and experienced guides that mentor, resource and inspire the next generation in the areas of global missions, world cultures, leadership development. We exist to reignite the Jesus fire in each student and to launch them out to serve a world in need.

One Line Bio: A tribe of missional leadership guides who, based on Biblical principles, catalyze students, and those that serve them, for the future of humanity.

At this point, it's a registered business with the State of Maryland. The eventual intention is to seek non profit status for The Ember Cast at some point and then who knows what may develop from it. It's definitely in the experiment stage at this point - I've had lots of help from a lawyer friend in terms of the legal processes. We have little idea what we're doing, but that's part of the fun of it, right.... And no, I'm not quitting my day job.

You might be wondering why - there were certainly lots of organizations we could have partnered up with to do this - a local church, missions organizations, etc. But in the end, we created this because we wanted to be in charge of our constraints - we get to make the rules. And, just as important, this gives us a whole world of permission.

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