Monday, July 14, 2008

2008 Middle School Mission WrapUp

Middle school kids and Charm City Church : Besides me leaving the church without one of the students [and not realizing it until an hour later when they called me - not a good sign of a mission team leader...] the weekend was a ton of fun with some kids that really get it in terms of serving outside of themselves, being willing to immerse themselves in another environment and partnering with some trusted friends who have a proven success in launching.

Some quick bullet items of note:
- Our hosts, Colleen and Crystal, are known by just about everyone in this community. If you want to get a good glimpse of incarnation, watch their example.
- We spent a good bit of time talking about "culture" and "worldview." Yes, even middle school kids can get this. We defined the terms, provided examples, read through the book of Jonah aloud and pulled examples of each out of the story. After each element of the weekend, we revisited those concepts again, asking for real examples.
- I didn't quite realize that this particular area had quite so many blue lights - an indication of the relative safety of a neighborhood. Part of the purpose of this weekend was to really see what it was like to stay there with a student group. We never felt unsafe there and, like all urban SPACE teams, we follow some standard behaviors designed to not put our students in danger.
- Had a really fun conversation with the lead church planter for Matt's House. RobB is also the guy in charge of Project Serve, as you can tell, lots of shared interests and passions in that conversation.

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