Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hungary off the top of my head

We are down to less than a week. Here is some ramblings...

- Em's passport is the last one. The passport agency said I should call back on Saturday if we haven't gotten it then. Hmm...
- Our original return flights had us going through Frankfurt. After some team discussion, we realized we all could delay coming home by one day so we arranged for a one night layover in Munich, which is supposed to be a lot nicer than Frankfurt. It was a pretty minimal cost and the overarching idea is that a layover in an neutral location is going to help our team regroup, recover and come home different [related - Debriefing Resources.]
- I bought a Canon CP720 printer to take with us and the thing is pretty awesome. The surface idea behind this was being able to print pictures of the kids for their parents to see during conference. The deep idea was to shape and mold the environment where their families could take home some memories.
- We are doing a big craft/team pack on Saturday, at least those that are in town. Like every year, and anytime you have a big group of people, the team is going in a million directions right before we leave. We've said to most of them, "See you at the airport." [Not really though, we are meeting at my house to depart.]
- Budget wise for the whole summer, we are at about 91% give or take, meaning that we are down about $5K of about $58K. Goodness that is a lot of money.
- I mentioned before that our theme for the evening stuff is "Pirates and Treasures." What I didn't tell you is that this was wholly put together by our students and us adults had nothing with it.
- RobynB has put together some awesome skits to go along with our theme and EllyK and TriciaB wrote the "BEST SONG EVER" for the way we will introduce ourselves at the conference. I didn't make that quote up either.
- These are the kinds of students I have the privilege of traveling with.

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