Saturday, August 25, 2007

See you in September

I'm taking a little blog break until sometime in September. Even though the blog will be quiet, here is a list of things below that are still cooking around the international office:

:: Youth Leader Retreat - This is an annual thing and it continues to impress me that we have a ministry that invests in leaders of students. I'm only going up for the day on Saturday with some of our SPACE peeps - my goal is to plan a bit of the fall as well as do some development with them [aka Erwin McManus videos]
- I'm speaking at Light Company [our middle school gathering] on Sunday, doing the post Missions thing. Big church is also doing it. If I can snag the video and audio, I will upload it later. [Video and audio from last summer's post mission Sunday.]
- Cameroon team reunion with the Nens on Sunday afternoon. They are in the States for furlough and are living in MD for a few weeks.
- School starts on Monday for the girlies.
- I'm running a workshop for GCC's leadership development program - one evening in September and one evening in February. The LDP is Grace's attempt at growing and training leaders. My session is entitled, "Leading In The Global Matrix." Catchy, eh?
- And of course, the most important project is jotting down quotes you could use on mission trips from the film Ice Age 2.

See you in a few weeks.

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