Sunday, September 19, 2004

My todo - updated

Well, here is my list from a few weeks ago:

- put together passport packets for students
still working on this one

- talk to a friend who is a nurse to see if we can get
a CPR/First Aid class for all youth mission leaders
(great idea huh?)
sent an email, need to follow up

- call a student from my NYC team who I haven't seen in a few weeks
i saw her, and it was so good to see her. she hasn't dropped off the face of the Earth... When we were in NYC, she was scared that God was maybe calling her to missions full time. It was neat to see this weird, cool combination of feeling of awkwardness, discomfort, excitement, awe and mystery. Isn't that what life with Jesus is about? Anyway, she is going to go to the ACMC conference. Cool.

- scan scan scan loads of pictures

- burn CDs so a student can upload the the warehouse web site

- update SPACE pages with summer 2004 summaries
still have to do

- find a cool ministry to plug in with for summer 2005 middle school trip
still have to do

- make commitment with SPACE crew team to do once a month english class
they couldn't use us for a once a month, they needed someone every week. it's too bad, I as well as the rest of the students really wanted to do this. oh well.

Ok, I'm off to have a neighborhood pot luck. Yummy.

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