Saturday, September 18, 2004

Lip Sync Night

Last night was the 2nd CpR outreach/coffeehouse of the school year - Lip Sync night. It was really fun. Dteams are encouraged to come with a lip sync act planned out and in between its kind of a coffee house thing. The second half of the night is worship and a message about Jesus.
The lip syncs were so funny, just hilarious. It's always great fun just to see the kids acting, dancing, going crazy in front of their friends. All the things I never did when I was in high school. What I also love about the night is that there is a great venue where kids can show off their artistic talent in, hopefully, a safe and fun environment. The Church needs to be on the forefront of culture, we need to be challenging the people that follow Christ to engage the culture, to be part of the art and music and dnace of our culture, to be relevant in what is going on around us. It was neat all around. Below is a one sample.

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