Thursday, September 23, 2004

Evaluate discipleship

So in a previous post, I talked about me having to speak to some, at least in my opinion, very programmtic ministry leaders. As I was talking over some notes with my friend M, one of the questions we tossed around was, "How do you evaluate the job kind of discipleship job you are doing when there is no set program people are going through?"
I know its kind of a strange question to just throw out there. You are probably saying, "Dude, how about some context."
Eldredge writes that our modern church has taken this idea of discipleship to be a set of classes that we go through - Bible basics, Sharing your Faith, Finances, Spiritual Gifts, etc. He says that we have ruined this idea of discipleship. Instead, it is the combination of listening for God's audible voice and knowing His word.
My original point was that too much program makes lazy leaders, leaders that are not passionate about Jesus but about program. The next question is that when we don't have a set program, how do we evaluate the job we are doing? How did Jesus do that with His disciples? And how do you do that with the people you shepherd?

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