Monday, June 13, 2016

You Should Care About You

In about a week, our family is taking a little adventure overseas - I know, hard to believe. We've been planning this for a while and this trip only works because we travel hacked the airfare, which could be a topic for another post. But I'll be posting about our trip, at least a little bit.

Part of our adventure will also be attending a leadership conference together as a family. You probably know that I've attended lots of conferences with students, mostly leadership and missions and church planting types of gatherings. They've always been fun and we've always had a great time and learned a lot. But we've never done something like this as a family and we are really looking forward to it.

You are the only one that looks out for your growth and development. No one else cares about you becoming a better leader or gaining more competency or growing in your ability to care for others, but you should. Don't neglect your opportunities to get better.

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