Monday, June 06, 2016

2013-2016 Support Trends

Big picture for 2013-2016 support trends in case you might be interested. Context for this is suburban, affluent, high achieving target culture with most students on these teams fitting into this demographic as well. 10 people on the team and most are well connected to people interested in this kind of stuff, meaning they have little difficulty raising money for a student missions project.

Current stats for the Italy team, as of 5 June:
+ 170 donations.
+ 17 donations electronically - 10%.
+ Rate is $340/day or $2377 a week.
+ One student averaged $60/a day or $420 a week with 37 donors at an average of $100/donation. That is really high and you shouldn't use that for comparison.
+ Average donation - $130.
+ Currently at just over $22K, which is almost 85% of budget, we still have a good few weeks before departure [this is not reflected in the trend chart though].
+ Creative revenue is around 6% which I anticipate will go up in the next few weeks.

If you are raising some support this summer, maybe this gives you a benchmark for some perspective.


  1. I have never reached these standards. I have always successfully funded my trips but my average donation would probably be between $25 and $50. I guess the message here is the goal can be reached with a lot of poor friends as well as with a few rich friends! 😏

    1. I agree Kathleen - that's a great message =). That particular student is an outlier for a variety of reasons.