Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Where Apostolic Leaders Thrive

From Sam Metcalf's Beyond the Local Church. I knew this book would be good after reading his blog for years.

1. The church in its apostolic, missionary form is just as equally "church" as the church in its local parish form. God never designed or intended either to do the work of the other.
2. The evidence from history is abundant that whenever these two structures work cooperatively and interdependently, the Christian movement thrives and moves forward. When one structure dominates or attempts to control the other, the movement suffers.
3. Apostolic leaders thrive best in structures uniquely designed for the fulfillment of their calling, and these leaders must have access to these structures in order to reach their God-given potential. When pastoral or denominational leaders mistakenly assume that such apostolic structures have no validity or are subject to their control, everyone loses.

I've never really understood point #1 with such detail before and all 3 of these points have massive implications for The Ember Cast.

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