Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Burn

:::The Scientist
Read this please.
In 2004 at Burning Man, a yearly gathering in the Nevada desert, someone erected a 30 foot wooden pole with a dancing platform on top. Dozens of people failed to climb the pole. And then there's another who gives it his try. He doesn't look like someone who could climb it. And as he's trying, suspicions are confirmed. He's terrible and looks like he's about to fail. He hugs the pole the whole time as he squirms and inches his way up. With sheer determination he reaches the top of that platform. Who was he? Elon Musk.

:::: The Migration Towards Europe

::: Classic Bob Lupton

::: In the Christendom world, speaking was leading. In post-Christendom world leading is multidimensional:apostolic-realtional-adaptive @todbol via @RobJacobs_

Photo: Dog, laptops, prepping for a talk. In the spirit of Steve Jobs, we try to practice 1 hour for every minute of speaking.

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