Thursday, November 07, 2013

To Benefit All

Again, we felt God calling us to a deeper commitment to His glory among the nations. We had developed partnerships after our first Sacred Gathering but, this time, we began to feel God leading us to send teams to live in an unreached or unengaged people group to share the gospel and train local leaders to start indigenous churches. On the last day of the Sacred Gathering, Kyle came to my office and said he couldn't get Belgium off his mind. I think we both knew what was happening. After weeks of discussion and prayer, I told him that if God was directing him to Belgium, then He was directing us to Belgium. I believe when God gives direction to pastors and church leaders, it's not just for their benefit; it's for the church. - The Sending Church: The Church Must Leave the Building by Pat Hood.
The Kyle mentioned here is Kyle Goen, Brussels campus pastor for LifePoint Church.


  1. Fantastic sentiment and execution. Passion means something.

  2. the last sentence in the paragraph is what struck me. i'm playing it around in my head because that has big ramifications....