Friday, November 08, 2013

Friday Burn

::: How Fast Food Eaters Split Along Ethnic Lines
Wait - Asians visit Panda Express?

::: Top 10 Countries for ExPats

::: "I'll pass on waiting for the torch. I've got a fire to start"

::: On the day of their IPO, Twitter chose a nine year old girl to ring the bell on the NYSE
But instead, when time came to pronounce Twitter public Thursday morning, a 9-year-old girl dressed in a “little bluebird” tutu dress appeared behind the bell. She is Vivienne Harr, who recently raised more than $100,000 to fight childhood slavery by spending 365 days behind a lemonade stand....
"Can I say one thing?" Harr asks me before our interview ends. "I just want to say that today I ring the bell to open freedom. And you don’t have to be big and powerful to change the world. You can be just like me."

Photo: WWII memorial.

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