Thursday, April 29, 2010

Latest Kindling

+ Ember is producing our first ever summer student missions experience. And producing all the other things associated. But it's goooood to be back in the saddle again. More about this soon.
+ I'm helping jump start a missions experience for middle schoolers at GRACE. On-the-ground youth workers have the inside information that most mission boards don't think to ask for.
+ Loving the "advocacy teams" idea from the Austin Stone. Example 1 that blows up the traditional concept of 'missionary support.'
+ Exhausting and equally inspiring last few weeks between Malaria Day and Steve Addison. Not just what you learn but the inspiration is the normal people doing amazing things.
+ Ember is submitting 501C3 paperwork in the next two weeks. I think.
+ Have to close on two older projects - gap year and RyanB. Speaking of gap year, have you read Seth's points about college?
+ In a virtual book club on NT Wright's After You Believe. 17 people from all over the world.
+ Almost official for one high school student for a informal internship for next school year. I have room for one more if you know of someone.


  1. Tony...Just read the piece from Austin Stone (which, by the way, is an awesome place) and am so impressed. It would be amazing to see this put into action at every church that sends out missionaries. I know it would have been an incredible support for our family.

  2. man i loved that idea too. i would agree with you - if every church did that, we'd have some serious engagement all around. been very impressed with what i have read and heard about austin stone - how cool.