Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 on the move

A small representation [for now] of some people on the move. If any of their travels and service interests you, let me know and I will put you directly in touch with them. I know they would love to have even more people to share in their journey.

:: Trevin - South Africa
Ember guide, working with Keep Them Safe for the summer. This is the fifth summer in a row he has traveled for a missions project.

:: Robyn - Israel
SPACE alumn - serving in Israel with Adventures in Missions for 4 weeks. Robyn's experience includes Hungary [2007], Cameroon [2008], and Belgium [2009].

:: ErinOB - Belgium
SPACE alumn - long term move to Brussels to work with the church planting org Christian Associates. If you've got an interest in post-Christian demographics or church planting among the emerging generation, Erin would be a great person to connect with.

:: Taylor - Zimbabwe
SPACE alumn - serving with the Global Aid Network this summer in Zimbabwe. Tayest and I were planning an Ember experience but it never came to fruition...yet. A suburban kid who loves orphans - yes it can happen.


  1. hey megan - yup, very fun! one coming to your part of the world...