Friday, August 15, 2008

"SPACE changed my life..."

Well, I coerced her into saying that....

This week, I had lunch with a college student who was involved with SPACE in high school. This summer, she had the awesome privilege of doing an internship with Christ Church Link and being involved in the start up of a Day Resource Center for the underprivileged.

What she really did say was that this experience [3 years ago] awakened a passion and need that she is willing to devote her life to. Since then, she has done a lot of experiential thinking about living in suburbia, serving the homeless and analysis of the systemic issues surrounding poverty, urban environments and context. This year, she's on the lead team for her IV chapter at her school, has made plans to introduce new freshmen to the intersection of dumpster diving and materialism, and will continue to listen to God as He speaks to her about her passion and the world's great needs.

SPACE exists to produce these types of people - willing to initiate after understanding the realities of the world and what the Gospel means in their lives.

PS - Look at some of our other favorite peeps when they were kidz.

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