Monday, December 22, 2003

Nice article here about the Act One screenwriting program in Hollywood. Neat to hear about Christians working in Hollywood. Here is her blog.

Had breakfast with my friend Ryan, who is back from Melbourne Australia for a few weeks. Very cool just to catch up and here about Australia. He is there with Campus Crusade, who has a long term commitment to building college ministry in Melbourne. The most significant thing - 'People don't think about what happens when you die. When you ask them, they say they don't know and they've never ever thought about it. And the conversation just stops. That's where relational ministry becomes important because when they get to know you, they ask why you are so different.'

On the Urbana note, we got three cars volunteered up from families of kids that are going. Very great news. I have officially turned over the coordination to the couple that are going, which is great news also. Very excited for these kids though, my biggest prayer is that God will give them a new idea of success (that is not about the lies Satan tempts us with) and that they will get the gist of the essential task.

Listened to a tape from Perspectives again (I've listened to it many many times). Its a lecture on Elements of Historical Revivals and The Three Eras of Christian Missions. Again, so many many good things from it. Here are some key points:
- 24K people groups in the world, 10K unreached right now.
- The Moravians (more info here) and their missions had 4 senders for every missionary. So...
* 5 church planters for every unreached people group = 50,000 people
* 4 senders for every missionary = 200,000 people
* total = 250,000 people
* there are over 250,000 evangelical Christians in the state of Colorado alone.
** the American church could easily do this....

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