Sunday, November 30, 2003

update sent to the GCC - MTF. Notes are a little obscure....

Students Prepared to Act for Christ’s Empire
LC/CpR Ministries

• My background.
• LC/CpR stage of ministry

• Provide service opportunities for students to be involved in.
• Intelligently target kids who are not already involved.
• Another tool for discipleship – growing through serving.
• Teaching on various service/mission topics.
• Bridge the gap between different age ministries (LC/CpR/Fusion) - range of people serving together. (Leader issue)
• Enabling students to see their giftedness in a serving opportunity.
• Resource for administration, direction, implementation for holistic, progressive student missions trips that are tied with the overall mission direction of Grace.

• All service lies somewhere in the realm of evangelism (I Cor 3), therefore, opportunities will be pointed towards interaction with people when possible.
• Devotionals and debriefs for every event.
• Constant evaluation via survey forms.
• Adult leaders/chaperones are integral.
• We tie service and missions together.

Pilot Year
• Launch F – 2003-09-27
24 people (all high school and leaders this time)
Teaching focused on homelessness and hunger around the world
Brought a bag lunch and then made at least another in the Warehouse before we left.
Had lunch with homeless people in two parks in DC. Saw three other church groups give away food but not engage the people. Our students noticed.
Over 20 significant conversations over lunch. Some students gave away all of their food and didn't eat.
Worked in the Capital Area Food Bank for three hours in the distribution warehouse.
Packed over 600 food packs.
Students most impacted by exposure to the homeless and engaging them in conversation over lunch.
Financials around $250 including bag lunches and transportation

• Launch L – 2003-11-08
33 students and leaders, middle and high school
6 houses and 12 townhouses raked
4 families within Grace, 3 outside of Grace, other neighbors were spur of the moment...
approx 200 bags of leaves raked
talk focused on being strategic, that we were doing more than just raking leaves, thinking about being thoughtful and what it feels like when you know someone is thinking about you (Is 49:15-16)
financials around $460 including school bus, lunch and lawn bags

• 3 December projects
- Adopt a Family with Grace Cares (7 families within LC/CpR)
- Salvation Army Kettle Bell ringing
- Blanket Drive

• January Launch
Right to life theme, in the midst of being planned

• Summer missions
Provided options for one grade for summer possibilities
See it as progressive for summer of 2005
Need to hone in on mission trips goals and policy
Overseas to only Grace missionaries?
Individuals doing their own thing ok?
Will take time to socialize, prioritize and implement – give 9th grade direction this summer
Service -> Evangelism Training -> Cross Cultural

• Core Team
Built a team of students and adults for planning, direction, implementation and service/mission on smaller scale
2 other leaders
11 students (lots of young students to shape and mold)
Where real transformation will occur first

• Urbana 2003
Not formally part of SPACE but is an outgrowth of CpR
16 total as of 2003-11-24
at least 2 seriously interested in missions, possibly careers

MTF helps in:
• Assisting in recruiting prayer partners for SPACE
• SPACE is an integral part of Grace’s missions strategy (?)
• Info to the congregation about missions includes something about SPACE
• Resources for summer missions
• Short term opps available from our missionaries (already started)

SPACE connects to MTF:
• Provides one concise list for all LC/CpR related summer missions.
• Implements the strategy among student trips.

• 10%.
• Will require students to take ownership. (Indigenous leadership in a sense)
• Overwhelming response and support.
• Youth min leadership
• Students
• Overall body
• Opportunity to change the type of students we grow.
• Will (not might) continue to evolve as God leads. Already God has directed.

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