Monday, July 21, 2003

so K (student in the HS ministry I volunteer in) and I went to DCLA for a day yesterday to help volunteer. pretty cool. quite a setup. we saw the Big Room, which had some great visuals, worship and teaching, although we misssed other integral pieces of the event, such as Deeper Learning, which I'm sure had more depth to the teaching. One thing that kind of made me sad, 0 mission organizations in the exhibit hall. 0, none, nothing. Of course, Compassion was there, and students could pick up material on YFC's missions trips. But there was nothing in terms of strategic missions, like the 10/40 window, unreached people groups, etc. One organization even quoted their mission statement saying they were about "blah blah blah and providing students a quality mission experience." Since when did we desire to send students to missions trips to give them a quality experience? Not to be a snob, but I'm pretty convicted that we could be doing student missions better. A lot better. I'll post some pictures later maybe.

Here is a picture of great volunteer in our JH ministry - Kelly volunteering at DCLA. Kelly is on the right, an awesome youth ministry servant.

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