Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Congratulations Katie - NYUAD Class of 2020

Dear Katie,

Congratulations on graduating University today! You know we are missing being with you and the rest of our family to celebrate and this is truly one of the most unusual times of our lives. We'll celebrate face to face in a little while when you get home.

As you are well aware, Mommy and I have had such a joyous time following your college experience. We've watched you travel [22 countries I think], traveled to visit you, heard you spout wisdom from your classes [because college kids always know best] and generally reveled in the fact that we told you that you would enjoy Uni more than high school. We certainly did!

We are also thrilled at what school taught you outside of the classroom. That the world is a huge place yet humans are connected with the same things. That the massive problems that we face are never simple and require listening first. That the Lord has blessed you with an amazing set of gifts and talents that are meant to be poured out and sacrificed for the greater good. 

Congrats, see you when you get home.


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