Thursday, May 02, 2019

The Ember Cast Sabbatical Year [Or Longer]

Later this year, Deanna and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage, I will turn 50 years old and both our kids will be living overseas. In light of especially the last point, The Ember Cast will enter in to a sabbatical year [or longer] starting sometime this summer. We will shutdown all operations and put Ember into pause - I don't think it is a full stop but we are leaving room for that possibility too. This is not spur of the moment or a reaction - in fact, plans for this have been in motion since the summer of 2018.

I started thinking about this last summer because I wanted to give room for Deanna and I starting to be empty nesters. It's a good time to take a break from the rhythm of working a day job and a passion project during nights and weekends. We also knew there would be some personal travel next year - an anniversary trip for the two of us and possibly visiting Emily on her gap year and celebrating Katie finishing university [I know, it seems like she just started.] We are also taking a 3 week family trip this June with some Ember Summer Sends joining us for the last few days of that.

I also remembered my old pastor saying that most people in their 50s are spiritually coasting. And I had lunch with a sage who gave me wise counsel on turning 50 and implored us to dream about the idea of legacy. And I was reminded of Isaiah 49:6 - it is too small a thing... So the Ember break gives us time to think really deeply about what we want to give ourselves to for the next season of our lives. I'm excited for both the break and the opportunity to consider big, audacious dreams for the Lord.

Special thanks to the Ember Board for their 9 years in this with me and helping navigate a new season. In the meantime, we have some good things to finish in the next few months.

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