Monday, May 07, 2018

IG Team Meeting #10

+ Reviewing Ember Mantras and Core Curriculum

+ Guest speakers
We had some guest speakers, a husband and wife who had spent significant time living in a different culture. They talked about worldview and related stories from their experience living overseas. Fantastic material that was really powerful as we think about context for where we are going. And the principles here are very transferrable for really anyone as they peel back layers of culture. We are probably adding this topic in the future to our Core Curricilum.

:: Worldview - what is real
Belief - what is true
Values - what is good
Behavior - what do you do
Worldview ->belief -> values -> behavior - inner to outer

3 Major Worldviews:
:: Guilt and Innocence
Western culture, truth is pre-eminent, scientific reasoning, rational, truth determines who is right or wrong, cognitive explanations

:: Shame and Honor
Ppreserving honor at all costs, saving face, Eastern culture, identity with groups rather than individuals, honor over truth
Guilt versus Shame - important distinction

:: Fear and Power
tribal cultures, gain power versus being afraid, who is stronger, focus on spiritual, dreams and visions

:: Gen 3 - Guilt, Shame and Fear - Jesus took away all 3.
Jesus comes to people within their worldview.

Photo: Jolie and Tommy.

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