Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Randoms With Katie

+ Polish Christmas Caroling in Fells Point, a family birthday tradition.
+ Her January term class is called "Children, Youth, and Sustainable Development of the World's Cities." Sounds like something Ember peeps would love. She'll spend a few days in India as part of the class. [See, Mommy and I knew you would enjoy college...]
+ Conversations have included topics like how class structure contributes to different economic infrastructure of countries, the tension between freedom and liberty versus a high quality of life, and how Emirati weddings are contexts for moms to find good grooms for their daughters.
+ Banking for someone like this can be challenging. She had a savings account with a little local bank since she was a little kid and they don't support global nomads very well. We opened an account with Citibank which seems like a good choice with their branches in global cities.
+ Her and Em made us dinner the other night and then made us watch Collateral Beauty.

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