Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Email for Fun and Futures

I know lots of people despise email these days and would rather communicate via text, tweet, Slack, or drawing on napkins. Yeah, you do you. Email is still the killer app.

Below is a list of the best email newsletters I subscribe to. Although most of them make for great reading, I've subscribed to each of them because they have proven to help me understand culture better and therefore an important source to help The Ember Cast better prepare the next generation of missional catalysts.

::: NextDraft
One of the original email newsletters that I've subscribed to for years. Excellent daily coverage.

::: Benedict Evan's newsletter
Benedict Evans is a venture capitalist who works for Andressen Horowitz and publishes a weekly newsletter about technology trends and observations. The Andressen is the guy that invented the modern day internet browser and the Horowitz wrote one of my must-read-favorite books about management and leadership.

::: Future Crunch
"Future Crunch provides intelligent, optimistic thinking about the future. We help people understand what's on the frontiers of science and technology, and what it means for humanity." They are right when they say they are optimistic - this is the kind of global news no one talks about but everyone should read.

::: Thoughts from Terry
Terry Storch is on staff with Lifechurch.tv and was one of the guys behind YouVersion and BabelWithMe, among many other digital Kingdom focused initiatives. Not only are these apps pretty incredible, I won't be surprised if the ecosystem Lifechurch creates empowers a plethora of other interesting initiatives in the near future. Great weekly read on leadership thoughts from Terry and a few of these have been super thought provoking in thinking about marriage and fatherhood.

::: The Weekend Reader
The Weekend Reader is authored by Max Anderson who is a venture partner with Praxis Labs, one of the most interesting faith based accelerators around. Their tag line is 'Advancing Redemptive Entrepreneurship.' I've been following the work of Praxis Labs for a few years now - always inspiring.

::: The Weekend Briefing
Authored by lawyer Kyle Westaway, The Weekend Briefing is a "selection of articles on society & innovation." Kyle was integral to the startup of The Adventure Project, an org I've been following on and off for a few years, and has deep insight into lots of efforts of social entrepreneurs around the world.

::: The Weekly Roundup
The Weekly Roundup is one of the best missions email newsletters - it's a must read if you are interested in global missions. Justin is one of the best living missiologists around and part of his job is detailed research. This is a huge one every Friday including details about global regions, unreached people group profiles, futuristics/technology and startup culture.

::: The Culture Translator
Written specifically for parents of teenagers, a great read that highlights three items each week, with specifics about engaging students on these topics. A little overboard in trying to sell their other resources, but the noise is still worth the content.

If you end up subscribing to some of these, I'd love to hear how you like them. And of course, be intentional about this - if it's just noise, then unsubscribe.

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