Friday, June 09, 2017

Friday Burn - Meeker Edition

Last week, Mary Meeker, the Queen of the Internet, released her annual always highly anticipated presentation of Internet trends, which basically is THE state of the Internet report. This comes out every year and if you live in the United States and have any influence or lead any kind of team, you should be reading this - it is one of the most interesting thermometers on culture that there is. And the deck reiterates what I like to say to lots of people when I speak - we are living in some of the most amazing and unique times in human history. Here are some takeaways from the perspective of emerging global student leaders.

3.1 hours of mobile usage every for adults, 2.2 for desktop/laptop [slide 9] - What this does mean for spiritual formation and attention.
Internet ad spending just about greater than tv ad spending [slide 14].
20% of mobile queries made from voice vs typing [slide 46]
Google machine learning achieved 95% accuracy, same rate as humans, for voice recognition [slide 48] - What is the impact on reaching oral cultures or on Scripture translation efforts.
Package parcel growth increasing - deliveries [slide 65] - how it affects cities.
Retail - unit closings at 20 year record while Amazon opens retail stores [slide 72] - affinity groups, culture become more and more tribalized
Average age of gamers = 35 - optimize learning and engagement [slide 85]
Gaming tools - optimize learning and engagement [slide 87 + 88 ] How does this affect leadership development? Are our experiences going to be too boring? Can we incorporate these kinds of concepts in the way we form leaders?
Gamification influencing multiple domains - human computer interaction [slide 117]
Esports vs traditional sports [slide 138]
Gaming experience - technology leadership and innovation [slide 147]
Media evolution [slide 176] - more tribal cultures
Household debt [slide 344] - highest since 2008 - this will affect future vocational freedom - debt is one of the largest barriers to vocational missions.
Immigration [slide 347] - USA to become non white majority country

Photo: Elevator, Floor 148, Dubai.

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