Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Perspectives Peeps

Some of the people and conversations from two classes I taught last week:
+ B, who heads to Turkey later this summer. There are 81M people there but Christians number in the thousands. He gave an open invite for anyone wanting to go with him, long term.
+ Bill Gates is not a friend of unborn babies.
+ What are your best travel tips? [Chase Sapphire cards and put a dryer sheet in your luggage.]
+ MeganC, who was in a student ministry we served with before Ember, who is now serving full time with international students.
+ J, who married a long term missionary sent out to Latin America by one of the host churches. They moved back to be sent out again by this church to plant a Hispanic church in the Annapolis area.

Perspectives has some of the best content for cross cultural people as well as the chance to mingle with these kinds of people.

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