Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday Burn

::: Youth Employment Incubator

::: Not Just a Pastor, but a Neighbor
With hundreds of refugees around him, So somehow seems to keep tabs in his head on all of them. The Well, the nondenominational evangelical church in Silver Spring where he is one of three pastors on staff, decided his mission work at Parkview Gardens was important enough that he should spend half his work time there and half in Silver Spring.
Great read about one of the staffers at The Well in Silver Spring, one of the churches we love tracking with. Link

::: New Data Disproves the Myth that Affordable Housing Lowers the Value of Your Home

::: One should never underestimate the significance of architecture in Christianity. - Diarmaid MacCulloch via Justin Long

Photo: Perspectives, Nov 2016, Newark DE.

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