Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Burn

::: To attract young people to your church, you've got to be warm. Not cool.
At one multiethnic church, we were struck when volunteer leaders told us that they all have meal budgets. Every small group leader in the youth ministry is encouraged to take students out for meals or treats regularly as part of their formation process. The students trumpeted the value of this investment, as you'd expect from teenagers who are getting fed. But it wasn't just about food; when describing their meal conversations, students used many of the phrases common to warm communities that emerged in our research.
Link via Jeremy Del Rio

::: You're more likely to be killed by your own clothes than by an immigrant terrorist

:::New York's Elevators Define The City
The six-story building is the staple of New York housing stock. There are good reasons for this, one of which is geological. Nearly all New York City's drinking water flows down from reservoirs and through aqueducts from upstate without any pumping - gravity does the work. A building taller than six stories requires a water tower and its own pumps to provide suitable water pressure to tenants on the higher floors, and that's a costly pain in the neck to build and maintain. Also, new buildings five stories or taller at least since 1968 have been generally required by the city to have an elevator, although some five-story buildings are exempt. So six floors is tall enough to need an elevator but short enough to avoid needing a water tower and other extra construction expense.

::: The future has many names. For the weak, it is unattainable. For the fearful, it is unknown. For the bold, it's ideal. - Victor Hugo


  1. Our church bought me a $100 gift card to the local coffee shop out of the youth budget after I'd lived in Newberg for about a year to keep taking kids out for coffee. :) And now there is a tab on Wednesdays that the high school girls I meet with once a week know they can put their drinks and scones on. The youth pastor picks it up later that day.

  2. so fantastic. i'm glad you are still hanging out with students!