Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Funding for 2020

In late 2015, I started dreaming about 2016. And if you know the futuristics, it always ends a lot further down the line. Vision usually requires some amount of funding so part of Ember's 2016 strategic plan was for me to try to raise some money as we dreamed now until 2020.

This Spring, I've set a personal goal to try to raise some funding for the next 4 years for The Ember Cast. This funding will go towards some interesting initiatives for our emerging global student leaders. This includes some training, some leadership experiences, support for past Guides and helping fund Guide Grants - projects our Guides dream up.

One benchmark of leadership is the ability to raise support [think nonfinancial] and funding. Every summer, I raise some money for Ember summer teams and I've been happy when we have raised enough, which I think is the right attitude. But this year, I'd like to see just what that upper bound might be.

Although this post isn't a plea for support, if this is your kind of thing, feel free to reach out. If you are a long time reader, you'll probably get a support packet. Design of this funding letter done by Katie, Ember spawn.


  1. Love it TSheng. Happy to be on #teamember

  2. you are one of our best co conspirators!