Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Burn

::: Brian Fikkert, author of When Helping Hurts, on Short Term Missions
This means that one key factor in planning a healthy STM is to be very intentional about learning. Research is showing that STM do not have transformational impact unless they are embedded with deliberate pre and post trip learning that lasts about a year. We are emphasizing that STM are just one part of a longer learning process that prepares people for the experience, guides them through it, and then reflects on it afterwards in healthy ways.
Lots of good stuff in here.

::: 7 Cities that are Starting to Go Car Free
Link via Alex McManus

::: The World's Economic Center is Moving Towards China

::: 10 Places to Go Before They Are Gone
Link via Chris Guillebeau

Photo: Iceland cold. March 2015.

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