Monday, January 09, 2012

Mission Leader Values

This is the lead team that is taking care of student missions at Grace Community Church in Fulton [my home church] this coming summer. A group of very thoughtful, outwardly focused, believe in the next generation people, they've got some great foundations for their summer teams for this coming summer. Three experiences outlined, a process for recruiting and choosing leadership and a emphasis on making sure parents are in the loop. If you are working a summer missions plan, don't feel intimidated by their progress.

Ember is working with them on helping do some training for their students and leaders and the term 'working' is used lightly, because they already have a ton of expertise and experience. One of the things we started with during this meeting was the question of values - ie: what values do you want in your leaders? They had some great answers including heart for the lost, adaptability, and empowered. What you value should drive what you implement and in this case, Ember will build some leader training around these identified values.

As we build a missions leadership experience for them, we'll probably throw in some other values we think are important for global leaders. I hope they won't mind... More info on that later.

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