Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday RocketFuel

::: Seth Godin on college admissions.
"Here's the amazing part: According to The Chosen, an exhaustive study of college admissions, there's no measurable difference between the outcomes of education with the most exclusive schools and the next few tiers. Graduates don't end up happier. They don't end up with better paying jobs. They don't end up richer or even healthier. The whole thing is a sham (which costs a quarter of a million dollars a person at the top end)."
Related fact - college debt is the number one reason why young people who desire to go to the mission field cannot.

::: McLean Bible Church's Future Leaders Program
One year long, full time, you get compensation, housing and benefits.

how many people across the planet will give a dollar, and then we’ll give it away to the poorest communities in the world.
via Alan Hirsch

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