Monday, January 29, 2018


Some of the Ember team visited The Salaam Center this past Saturday, which is a refugee drop in center located in the Highlandtown neighborhood in Baltimore. Fascinating to hear the founder share his story with us and inspiring to see how their work has grown in the past few years. They focus on helping serve people new to the US, mostly with English lessons, help with registering for school, getting a drivers license and details like that for people new to our country.

Ember will probably be getting a little bit involved consistently with this center, which will be great fun.


  1. OH MAN. This is so amazing!!! Our refugee friends would be so blessed by something like this- their needs are great and it is often a lot for the individual volunteers to manage (even with two different churches involved.)

    Seems like a great fit for ember too!- we have learned/are learning sooo much about their culture and language (not to mention being incredibly inspired by their adaptability as they navigate a new culture!)

  2. Yeah this is pretty cool. I like it a lot. You are right - very Ember. Startup, early stage, lots of figuring it out.

    Come and visit LOL.
    PS - parenting looks good on you guys!