Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Burn

::: Paul Graham's advice after helping over 600 startups
One of my favorites - "Start with a small, intense fire."

::: Summit Church in Raleigh sends high school juniors and seniors for 5 week missional experiences in SE Asia.

::: A Fascinating Look at Facebook and Social Relationships.
This is really well worth the read, much like a lot of the Facebook Data Science notes. It's especially relevant if you have ever felt like you needed to create your own social network exclusively for your community [I'm looking at you, people that have wanted to implement the popular church networking platform, The City...]

:::Are Selfies Spreading Teen Lice

::: Every State's Favorite Band

::: Every leader should remember that he is the least permanent element in the church. - Roland Allen @Ben_Hardman


Emily said...

Read the selfies one and seriously cannot tell if it's supposed to be serious or not.

tony sheng said...

haha funny. yeah its meant to be serious.

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