Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Burn

::: The Fastest Adopted Gadget of the Last 50 Years

::: Couple Gets Engaged Based on Charity: Water Campaign

::: Young Adults, Cars and Church

::: 5 Strategies to Reach Young People at Church
Will lists some really interesting, and true, facts in the intro.
Because the gift of leadership naturally develops leaders in its wake, a lack of presence with the next generation is a lack of leadership in some way.

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Photo: Ben Boles and I, Philadelphia, PA, November 2011. Ben has been a participant this year in our Ember Impact Coaching.


Emily said...

Mm. The car thing's interesting.

One of the best pieces of advice I got about moving to a new place was to pick a church close enough you could walk. Going to a church in my town is the best decision I made in Oregon I think- in terms of building community anyway. I had no idea how much of a difference it would make.

Thanks so much for sending that email out!!

tony sheng said...

that's cool. yeah, so much in that post about cars. really big social shifts.

yeah - no problem about the email - let me know what kind of responses you get back.

Emily said...

want to post a request on your blog? :-) do you think you have any tck esque people who might be interested?

tony sheng said...

yes you bet. will post it prob mid next week.

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